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Construction Health and Safety Training

City and Guilds New Road and Streetworks Act - Re-Instatement

What are the qualifications about?
From April 2011, anyone carrying out work on the highways, under the provisions of the New Roads and Streetworks Act 1991, will be required to be reassessed every 5 years for professional competence The Reassessed Streetworks Excavation and Reinstatement qualifications will enable you to achieve professional competence. Completing the qualifications will also enable you to re-register with the Street Works Qualification Register (SWQR) which permits you to work legally on the highways.

Who are they for?
The reassessment qualifications are designed for people who are already employed in this field, and who require to re-register their street works card with SWQR.

What sort of things do they cover?
For 6156-12 you'll cover the following key areas:
 Monitoring Signing, Lighting and Guarding
 Monitoring Excavation in the Highway
 Monitoring Reinstatement and Compaction of Backfill Materials
 Monitoring Reinstatement of Sub-base and Road base in Non-bituminous Materials
 Monitoring Reinstatement of Concrete Slabs
 Monitoring Reinstatement of Modular Surfaces and Concrete Footways.

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